Another update to tell about a few new experiences. On Monday, I went with 7 TG neighbours to partake in Winter Texan Appreciation Day in Progresso Mexico. Don declined the adventure since he had been there in February when I was in Arizona and didn't want to go again. Even with scary reports of drug cartel problems in the Rio Grande Valley, the Mexican border towns rely on Winter Texans coming over the border to go to the dentists, buy their medications, eat and shop. This was the day they show their appreciation and the main street of Progresso was closed to traffic and 5 stages with entertainment were set up and there were many giveaways of bags, hats and pins. Winter Texans love anything that is free so lots of people came over to enjoy the day. We started with a Mexican breakfast in a little cafe on the side street. Luckily one of our group could speak Spanish to help us out. The rest of the morning we spent shopping and getting pinned with little advertising things. Lots of police presence around. We had a little refreshment at a local cafe - for the 8 of us - no charge because one of our party bought their medications at the pharmacy connected to it. On to lunch at a bakery/pharmacy/retaurant/pub with live music we could dance to. Then back to the main street to buy our last supplies and back over the border bridge - showed our passports, paid duty on liquor and home by 3 PM.

On Tuesday I had another new adventure by going to a Ropa warehouse - used clothing that comes from ? in great big bales that people climb on and sort through for things they may want and then pay for the pound for what they want. You were old clothes that you can was after you get back and you should have a shower as well. One of the TG ladies I was with was collecting baby clothes and old sheets and tablecloths that she takes to her church group back home. The baby clothes are cleaned and repaired and given to poor families. The sheets and tablecloths are used for quilts for charity too. Her 4 garbage bags of lout cost here less than $9. I got some t-shirts for Katie's sculture work and a few other things for a cost of 20 cents a pound so the adventure cost less that $4.

That evening I went to a concert of the McAllen Symphonic Band. Incorporated in 1974, McAllen Symphonic Band is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide cultural entertainment to the community and an outlet for local musicians who enjoy rehearsing and performing a variety of music. This concert was called "Water Music" and included selections from Pirates of Penzance, Titanic, The Little Mermaid and Handel's Water Music. There were about 75 musicians on stage, young and old and many were music teachers and band directors. The concert was very enjoyable.


  1. Yes, I would say there was a police presence!! I haven't seen that kind of presnce while in Ajijic. On much earlier trips to Mexico we saw police patrollig the beaches.

    Enjoy the warm weather while you are able as it is -12 here today. BRRRRRRR


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