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March and April 2012 Summary We have been back home in Lakefield as of Tuesday, April 10/12, so there is a gap in this blog for March and the beginning of April that I will attempt to summarize. From February 28 to March 12, I was in Chesapeake, Virginia. I had the pleasure of looking after our first grandchild, Jacob (9 months old) for a week while our son Tom and his wife Diana spent a well deserved vacation in Mexico. Here is a picture with Tom and Diana with Jacob and this is what Diana wrote on her Facebook page on March 26/12. " Forever in our arms, Jacob William David! With full hearts we are proud to announce the adoption of our son, born in Virginia, on May 30, 2011. Welcome Home Jake! We are also happy to share that our “forever family” continues to grow through the gift of adoption. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jake’s baby sister, due June 3 . Please continue to keep our family and our children’s very special birthmother in your thoughts and prayers – all