Update for this week. Monday was the Aloe Vera Farm tour. It was very interesting but sad because the aloe vera plants were severely damaged or killed by the freezing temperatures this February. It will take the plants 8 to 9 months to come back for the leaves to be harvested again - if they survive. There was a 45 minute outdoor tour on a haywagon done by a retired teacher who owned a citrus farm next door. Then we had a 45 minute indoor tour by an 88 year old lady - with a wonderful dry sense of humour - a little like Betty Whyte. She and her 89 year old husband help one of their sons manage the place. These presentations were followed by a chicken dinner lunch in their diningroom which they turn into a dance hall on the weekends. Plus they have made a golf course inbetween the aloe vera fields. And they are selling house lots around the place too.

So on to more of the week and it has been golf tournaments on our little Par 3 - 9 hole golf course on the property of this RV Park. Wednesday was the Canada-USA challenge and the Tropy went to USA this year. Today was a lady's scramble followed by the ladies luncheon and tomorrow is a Breast Cancer Fundraiser Scramble.


  1. Hi Mary,
    I'm waiting for your next posting! You are having the sunny temps which I dream of having.According to the news/weather it is only 17 days until spring!The snow is still piled rather high but I hear the birds chirping so I have faith that it is coming soon.
    When do you head north?


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