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Winter in Texas 2013-14

February 2014 Trophy Gardens Alamo Texas Don and I started the trip south on November 24/13 from Lakefield - lunch with Gramma and Grampa Marsden in Toronto, dinner with Katie and Dave in Winona, overnight in St Catherines with Ellie and Jan and Lincoln Lech and crossed over the Canada/USA border on the morning of November 25th. We spent the next night along the route to Virginia ( our 35th wedding anniversary)and arrived at Tom and Diana's to celebrate Thanksgiving and the lighting of the Charlie Pugh's Christmas house next door. After a few days, Don and I moved further south to North Myrtle Beach for a week at Wyndham Towers timeshare resort right across the road from the Beach. Tom and Diana and the kiddies joined us there for a few nights and then moved on to Orlando for a week together enjoying each other, Disney World and Universal. Little Benjamin spent some quality time with Oma and Opa when the others went to the parks and even experienced two timeshare presentatio