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Trip to LA and 10 day Cruise around the French Polynesian Islands

September 23/17 to October 12/17 Sunday, September 23/17   Lakefield to Beamsville –  Sunny 28 degrees - Left Lakefield at 9:30 Am. Had a lovely lunch with Grampa Ken Marsden at Canterbury Place in Toronto, tea with Larry and Annette Marsden in Mississauga, supper with Katie, Davis and Dave Whitehead in Winona and stayed the night with Dorothy and Ed Holdenmeyer at their “Comfort Inn” in Beamsville. Monday, September 24/17 Beamsville to Buffalo - Sunny 28 degrees -  Crossed over the border into the USA and checked into the Days Inn Buffalo Airport. Spent time shopping at the Walden Galleria Mall – finding deals at JC Penney and looking for Sip’s Luzianne Southern Iced Tea. Roast chicken and salad from Kroger for picnic dinner at the hotel. Tuesday, September 25/17 Buffalo – Chicago- Los Angeles, California – Sunny 28 degrees – Shuttle to Buffalo Airport after breakfast –our  van to stay at hotel till we return Oct 12. Southwest Flight Buffalo to Chicago Midway 12:30 to 1:05 P