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Winter 2017 to April 2018

Winter 2017 to April 2018 Arrived at On Top Of World condo on November 2 after a Halloween stop in Virginia. Had new kitchen installed in November. Katie and Davis visited for a week at the end of November and Tom and family met us in Orlando for fun at Seaworld and Disney and then a few days at Clearwater Beach. Peter and Marianne Raps from Haarlem, The Netherlands visited for a few days in December. Don and I volunteered at the Canadian Junior Golf Association Tournament at Innisbrook Golf Course in Palm Harbour in December. Mirek and Dianne Sip joined us for 2 weeks in January. Enjoyed local sightseeing and especially seeing the many manatees floating around the Apollo Power Station south of Tampa enjoying warm waters.   From February 13 to 20 th , Mary visited Tom Brudnicki, Bruce and Barb Bellchambers and Barb’s sister Mary in Casa Grande, Arizona. Barb, Bruce, the 2 Marys and friend Bill Redtke spent 2 nights at a Wyndam Timeshare Resort in Sedona, Arizona enjoying t