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Trip to London England - June 2018

Trip to London England  June 19 to 27, 2018 In November 2017, my sister Dorothy asked if I might be interested in going to London England with her for a week or so in June 2018. The reason she asked me was that her husband Ed was not interested in going and she was offered a holiday to go back with Ed's distant cousins – Cheryl and Alan Doherty from Hazlemere, England – after their 2 week holiday in Canada staying with Dorothy and Ed. So I asked Don and he said go ahead so plans were made. We booked our flights (Air Canada from Toronto - $ 1109.41 each). Alan and Cheryl flew British Airways at the same time but it happened that we booked with Air Canada?) Then we ordered London City Passes for 3 days and 25 pound Oyster Cards – for travel in London (132.08 pounds each – x 1.8 for Can $ = $237.75). And we booked an Airbnb flat in London for 2 nights in the Westminister area for $203.65 each). So before taking off we had invested $1550.51 in the trip. The Trip: Monday, June 18, 2