Baltic Cruise – June 2019

Wednesday June 19, 2019 – Stopped at Questrade and to see Grampa in Toronto on route to Larry and Annette’s for tea and dropping off van before our Icelandair (Frequent Flyer # F14004039760 and F14004039745) flight 602 to Reykjavik, Iceland at 9 PM. We had time to have a relaxed dinner in the Premium Lounge at the Toronto Airport. That was fortunate since all we got on the flights that night was a bottle of water. Thursday, June 20, 2019 -  We flew 5½ hours to Iceland to change planes (one hour layover) to complete our trip to Stockholm, Sweden in 3 more hours from 7:35 AM (Iceland time) to 12:40 PM (Sweden time).   On arrival we located the 20 minute high speed train terminal under the airport and boarded the downtown Stockholm train (Arlanda Express Train - $49 CAN - prearranged) for a 20 minute ride to Central Station. We walked about a kilometer with our luggage to the Stockholm Sheraton Hotel for our 2 night stay. We were fortunate there to have a concierge lounge pass wh