Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Chilling out in Foxwood Hills, South Carolina
We left Texas as scheduled on Wednesday March 20th after a delicious barbecued rib dinner done by cousins Maureen and Don. Also have to mention we participated with friends from the Garden Club in the annual TG St Patrick's Day parade. A very fun green event - 4 PM parade in the park and it was about 90 degrees but we biked on. Didn't miss the Bike Club Picnic at Anz ---- Park on the Rio Grande before our take-off day.
So onward to Sulphur Louisiana (8 hour drive) for one night - with a cookroach encounter in the room - so our night was free? Don got a great photo of it before stepping on it so he could show the manager.
March 21nd night (another 8 hour drive) was at Harrah Casino - Veranda Hotel in Tunica Mississippi. No bugs and no winnings either but the room was only $20 since we have player cards. Good Deal.
March 22 (after a 9 hour drive) we arrived at Kinston Manor and the Villas at Foxwood Hills to spend a week before moving on to Tom and Diana's in Chesapeake Virginia. It is cooler here - about 50 degrees but there are daffodils blooming but the hardwood trees are still leafless. Our goal of the week is to make it through another 3 day Dr Oz cleanse/detox (we are now on Day 2 and surviving) and rest up before heading north to the cold in another week. I participated in the indoor pool aquacise class yesterday morning and today instructed the class for the ladies - about 8 of them that are in this neighbourhood and use the pool. They usually do it from an adudio CD that plays - same one for the last 10 years??? Thought they could use a change?
This is an old timeshare rustic resort that Don found on SkyAuction. It is showing it's age and tomorrow there is an auction of weeks that can be purchased in their program for as low as $100. We won't be doing that. One of the big drawbacks is no internet in the units so we have to go to the clubhouse but there is a free movie channel so we have watched a few of those.
Time to close now. The last shake of the day is calling me. Our new Vitamix is getting a workout.


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