Monday, December 24, 2012 Christmas Eve

Awaiting Baby Jesus at Basilica San Juan
Don and I drove  9 hours from Orlando to Buloxi Mississippi and stayed at a Casino Hotel there for the night. After a nice Senior buffett breakfast at a nearby Casino, we drove another 9 hours to SanAntonio, Texas and stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn - enjoyed the manager's special dinner and nice breakfast. Mary investigated the evening Riverwalk Lights - chilly night since a cold front (from Canada of Course) came through that afternoon.
Tuesday, December 12/12
After a hearty breakfast at the hotel we drove the 4 hours to Trophy Gardens in Alamo and set up for our winter stay.
Since we have been here, Mary has been teaching her exercise class for 3 monings, Don is back playing Masters Slow Pitch in McAllen in the competitive league, we bike and golf and swam etc.
Mary went to see "Beauty and the Beast" play at the Sharyland High School in Mission, donated blood, cleaned the trailer outside and inside and set-up an awning.
Tonight we will go to the Candlelight Christmas Service in the Clubhouse and tomorrow we will join lots of other folks here for our Christmas lunch in the Clubhouse. Merry Christmas to all.


  1. I hope that the weather is cooperating for you and providing many opportunities to be out and about. We had a beautiful and mild day here yesteerday with LOTS of sunshine.


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