Sunday, February 12/12
Well it has been a cool rainy week in South Texas - not what we had signed on for but we can't complain about the rain because of the drought that Texas has experienced in the past year.
We have kept ourselves busy by shopping, going to see the movie "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" with Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and a young boy actor who had a difficult role that he did very well. It was $5 Movie Monday.
Don only got to play ball on Monday and Tuesday mornings - Wednesday and Thursday were rained out but he did go to Umpire School from 9 to 4 on Saturday.
We checked out a few Thrift stores and I could not resist the urge to pick up some glassware to make a few pole toppers - that will perch on top of sawed off golf clubs - since there are no cross country ski poles here to be had.
On Friday night, Bonnie and John, Brenda and Rick, Maureeen and I went to a local theatre group's production of "The River is Gold" - a bit painful but luckily it was short.
Saturday morning, Brenda, Bonnie, Maureen, Gail and I went to the Mennonite Relief Sale at the Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg. They had rummage sale stuff, games for kids, breakfast and baked goods and a quilt auction. We got bidding #s for the auction but the one I would have liked went for the most money - $1300. There were a couple others that went for over $700 each but the rest were alot less - for good reasons.
Saturday night Don and I went out to dinner at the Olive Garden in McAllen - treated by our old friend Bill Barone from Michigan - aka "The Fishing Fool". Bill was on an avoiding winter driving tour and had been through Atlanta - Florida - now through Texas - and on to Arizona and California and will get back to Michigan when the snow is gone. We took him on a walk through the Santa Anna Wildlife Refuge on Friday afternoon - a bit of a mistake because the pathways were wet and the Texas mud sticks like glue to your shoes - it was like walking in heavy high heels. The highlight was seeing a 7 foot long black snake on the roadway there.
Sunday morning we attended our Community Hall Church Service - it was Flag Sunday and Don and I got to parade with the Ontario Flag. Sunday afternoon, Bonnie and John, Brenda and Rick, Maureen and I went to a McAllen High School (Nikki Rowe) and enjoyed 3 talented students perform the Neil Simon comedy play of "The Star Spangled Girl".


  1. The cold and wet weather doesn't deter you, I can see. Sounds like lots of interesting activities to keep you involved,not bored and busy. The pole toppers sound like thay will have a Texas influence. Thrift stores are so interesting....a gem around every corner.


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