Just to catch up on our weekend activities before the month is over. On Friday, Feb 24, Brenda and I went to the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show at the McAllen Convention Centre. Neither one of us are quilters - just quilting admirers. So we didn't have to spend all our money on material and patterns. It was a rainy day so we had a nice lunch at Mimi's Cafe and then stopped to shop at Steinmarts too.
On Saturday morning, Ron and Judy, Don and I went to a Blini and Piroghie Brunch at St George Orthodox Church in Pharr. Blinis are crepes that we filled with different jams - even Nutella. There was expensive Russian tea to drink too. We all chose blinis so the piroghies were untried.
On Sunday our street - Masters Drive had their block party. It was held on Lot 595 - which is the lot we are moving to next season - it has more concrete than the lot we are on now. We already moved a shed that houses a washer and dryer onto that lot. It was a pot luck celebration and there seem to be alot of great cooks on this block.
I had to sneak away from these festivities to attend a play at the South Texas College Theatre. It was "The Man Who Came To Dinner" and it was very well done. It was a comedy about a dinner guest who just won't go away.
This coming week Don is in Slow Pitch Playoffs.


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