Update for Jan 18/12
So from the last entry we have to catch up on a few things. We went to a dinner theatre in Alamo one night put on by the Halbrook Family - 2 adult sons playing guitar and banjo accompanying their mother and a few others. Mother cooked the chicken dinner - couldn't recommend the dinner or show and if we had driven ourselves to the event we would have left but we were with the Wilder Bus - from our park. It was a painful event best forgotten - no pictures either.
I did a Guided Bird Walk at the Santa Anna National Wildlife Refuge that is about 9 miles south of our park and borders on the Rio Grande River. It was Winter Texan Appreciation Day so there was no admission and free draws - I was lucky to win a beautiful butterfly mug. Also enjoyed a fun 90 minute presentation by Luciano Guerra - a nature photographer who does Birdwatching "Texas" Style - just google his name to find out more.
On Sunday, January 15/12 I drove a few ladies to see the Mariachi Aztlan again at the University of Texas- Pan American (Edinburg) - saw their Christmas performance in December. They were joined by a Dance Company and a large Mariachi Band from an Edinburg High School. No blond haired people in these performers.
Monday was the Wilder Bus trip to the Aloe King Farm. I did go on this trip last year but enjoyed it so much I wanted to do it again. An older couple (0nly 89 and 90 years young) do part of the tour of their son's Aloe Vera Farm. I just go to see the old lady - she is very entertaining in the way she talks - glad she is still alive and I will go next year too to make sure she is still around - they drink aloe juice every day. They mix it with their orange juice - and keep it in the frig - it doesn't really taste very good. We had a great chicken dinner there too. On the right is a picture of a "Salt Cedar" tree on the farm next door to the Aloe Farm. Impressive tree since most trees here are not that tall.
Last night (Jan 17/12) Don and I went to the Killer Bee Hockey Game. Don earned the tickets by test driving a Subaru at the local dealer. This is a professional farm team affliated with the Florida Panthers and a San Antonio team. It was loud and thankfully the Bees won 4 to 3 and there was no overtime period required. I am a great sports fan as you can tell but some pictures were taken to prove I attended. Lots of young kids were there but I found my favourite fan and had to have a picture. How cute is this little bee?
I watched Don play his senior mens' slow pitch game this morning - and they won too! Don is a valued young guy on the team - playing shortstop.


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