Wednesday, November 9/11

Wed. Nov 9/11 Sunny 66 degrees
Metro to L'enfant Plaza and stroll over to the Library of Congress (Jefferson Building) - another beautiful building - tour of The Great Hall, Main Reading Room and Jefferson Library Room. Saw the Giant Bible of Mainz (Germany) - written by hand by monk on parchment in the mid 1450's and the Gutenburg Bible - first book printed with movable metal type (only one of three perfect vellum copies in existence.) Strolled over to Madison Library and got my LOC Library Card - good for 2 years and now I can go into the special reading rooms. Watched some "I Love Lucy" clips from a exhibit that was there.
Walked to Air and Space Museum - amazing place but teaming with school kids. Had lunch salad at the McDonalds on site. Over to the White House Visitors Centre and watched film. Walked by historical Willard Hotel and stopped in fancy Lobby there. The Trolley Tour driver said that presidents would meet with influential citizens in this lobby - origin of "Lobbying".
Strolled by the Treasury Dept Bldg. and Sherman Park Monument in front. Saw the White House from the street but any tour has to be booked months in advance.
Walked back to The Mall and toured the 3 floors of the Museum of American History - liked the bones exhibit - dealing with death mysteries, and Julia Child's kitchen and Bradford Doll House.
Then next door to tour the first floor of the Museum of Natural History that I missed yesterday. Back to Metro by 5:30 PM and dinner at Outback Restaurant with Tom. Hot Tub again - legs and feet were very weary by this 3 day tourist blitz. Packing for going home.


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