Nov 10/11

Thursday, November 10/11 Cloudy - 58 degrees
Metro to Alexandria, Amtrak to Baltimore airport ($27 today vs. $51 on Sunday night for same trip). Flew at 1 PM with few bumps to Buffalo. Picked up car ($39 for parking). Fueled at Smoking Jo's in Sanborn, NY ($3.41 for $51 fill-up), over Lewiston bridge ($3.25) to visit Ellie Lech in St Catherines and another stop in TO at the Marsdens homestead and home in Lakefield by 9:20 PM.
Impressions of Washington:
Beautiful city - so much to see. Helped that I had perfect weather and the trees were turning colors - dropped back into fall for these few days.
Conservative city - tons of office workers - no wild clothing or hair - young workforce - not many old people around.
Lots of runners around city - on The Mall
Most workers - security and police. Purse checking and xray machines in almost every building.
Need to go back - did not do Supreme Court or the Art Museums
Great to visit with Tom and being spoiled with nice accommodations and dining.


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