Time to get back on track with this blog. So the sad update on golf is that Canada lost the tournament to the USA and then this past Wednesday it was Winter Ranch (the RV Park beside us) and Trophy Garden Challenge (our park) and we lost again. Maureen and I attended a 90 minute seminar from golf guru "Steve" (http://www.cornettasgolf.com/) that preachers to the recreational golfer at a nearby hotel ballroom. It was entertaining and we are hoping it helps our games. (It isn't showing so far?)

So what else have we done - besides golf and potluck dinners? Don and I went on a little bus trip to a Rio Grande River Cruise last Monday. We had an hour ride on the Rio Grande River - saw the damage on the riverfront properties from the flooding of the river last fall. The river stayed elevated for 33 days. We had a delicious lunch at the Riverside Grill where our cruise started and ended. The Border Patrol presence is certainly seen. We saw their lookout tower right beside this RV Park right on the river. I am sure it gives the residents some excitment at times.
Today, Maureen, Gail and I went to see "Man of La Mancha" A Musical Play at the University of Texas in Edinburg. It was very enjoyable and the actors were very talented.
Tomorrow is the Bike Club's Picnic at a local park. Some RVers have already left to go home and more take off each day. By the end of this month, the place will be alot emptier.
Almost forgot to mention I won $5 at Bingo on Friday night. I taught the weekly craft class on Friday - the Art of Zentangle - structured doodling. Got to keep busy.


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