Well just a few days later again. Since arriving in Casa Grande todate, we have:
1) learned how to care for dotty - Tom and Lynn's dog - chihuahua and jack russell terrier mix - 1 1/2 years old, their 3 cats - who don't like the dog, 2 geckos, indoor and outdoor fish. We are staying in Tom and Lynn's house while they went from Thursday to Tuesday to Wisconsin to celebrate Lynn's mother's 90th birthday.
2) We visited exhibits of the Gem and Mineral Show in Tuscon 2 X - an amazing show with tents all over Tuscon for 2 weeks in February.
3) Spent 3 hours at the Desert Museum in Museum - great place - not to be missed if you are in the area.
4) Picked up Barbara Bellchambers (from Lakefield) at Phoenix Airport when she arrived from Buffalo on Tuesday - just got out before the snowstorm hit - Chicago was closed for 2 days and a severe cold front claimed the USA - we had 3 nights below freezing in Casa Grande and Don had freezing rain in southern Texas. Sally, Russell and I greeted Barb with a big sign, matching ponchos and big hats - we got alot of comments and smiles.
5) Russell and I drove Lynn and Tom to Phoenix airport at 4:30 AM on Thursday morning. They were diverted to Detroit to change planes for Green Bay since Chicago was still digging out.
6) Sally and Barbara started gourd classes at Gourdfest on Thursday and will finish tomorrow. Great show again this year. Russell and I were out today to see Arizona Skydiving at Eloy airpot and hiked in Picacho Peak State Park.
This is all I can think of for now and there are no pictures posted since my camera cord is back in Texas with my computer. More later.


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