Last day in Arizona for this trip - to fly back tomorrow to Texas to rejoin Don in the Trophy Garden fun.
Yesterday Lynn and I spent the morning on a Historical Tour of Florence - travelling around in a trolley and stopping to tour homes or public buildings in that town. For lunch we had enciladas and tacos at an old Inn and listened to a man talk about a gunfight that took place in Florence between the sheriff and his deputy for unknown reasons. After lunch we went to the Casa Grande Ruins for a Native American Music Festival - featuring flute music. The weather has been sunny and 80 degrees so it was a pleasure to be outside for these events.
Tom, Lynn and I went to the movies to see the new "True Grit" movie with Jeff Bridges and then we had to rent the old "True Grit" with John Wayne. The new one is more sophisticated but the old one has its charms too.
That is it for Arizona.


  1. I will vicariously enjoy the 80 degree sunny weather you are having. Our weather has been sunny and I'll stop there.
    Enjoying reading of your experiences and looking forward to photos.


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