Been back in Texas for almost a week and can't say I have accomplished much? Been out on the golf course here a few times to get back in the swing of things (pun intended), taught my exercise class on Tuesday and Friday morning - suffered from that with those 2 weeks off routine in Arizona.
Did get out of the park with Maureen (cousin Don's wife) and Gail (another Manitoba friend) to visit the nearby town of Pharr. There was a 45 minute Trolley ride to see its historic buildings, followed by a chicken dinner and then a "Senior Cinderella Play". This was put on by the Pharr Literacy Program - a grass roots organization that started several years ago to bring ESL classes to the hispanic population (97% of their population) and now they run a nursery, their classes in English, Spanish, sewing, computer, business are all free with the students having to do volunteer service for their classes. This county is one of the poorest in the USA so they are giving these people a chance to better themselves. The evening cost us $15 each and was enjoyable.

Today we had a block potluck lunch party with about 40 people of our street participating. The food was great and I conducted a icebreaker game - each person had to write on a little paper - 2 unusual, unknown things about themselves and I read them out and people had to guess which person they came from. The things you find out???

The weather temperature is nice and warm - 80 degrees today but there is a strong wind - which isn't helping my golf game much. Someone told me that the wind is good to have - with no wind - little pesky bugs come out.


  1. Great photos. I enjoyed re-reading the blog with the photos added.

    Another snow storm here overnight on Sunday after very high wnds on Friday night. I had to hold Molly's hand from 3-4:00 am as she doesn't like storms.

    Spring is somewhere out there, I know, but it's difficult to find under 5 inches of newly fallen snow.


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