Got to catch up again. Did go on the long bike ride to McAllen last Monday morning - great until we had to bike back from Country Omelette with full bellies and into the wind?

Wednesday's Mystery Tour went to the "Museum of South Texas History" in Edinburg - a town northwest of us. It was very well done for the history of the Rio Grande Valley from prehistoric times to 2000. Lots of unrest in this area due to border disputes with Mexico. This is also a rich agricultural area - with the help of irrigation for the crops of cotton, sugarcane, citrus and vegetables. One building was the original jail complete with gallows. Lunch that day was at a barbecue place and then we came back to the RV Park. We did have another adventure to a soup and sandwich fundraiser at another mobile home park not too far away but that wasn't too exciting.

We will try to be more exciting this coming week. I am off on another bus ride tomorrow to an aloe vera farm?


  1. Hi Mary and Don,
    You have been gone a month and, believe it or not, a month in the cold north passes as quickly as a month in the warm sunny south. Of course, you do have many more opportunities to have exciting and new experiences as well as to meet lots of interesting people.



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