Another week has gone by in sunny Texas and now I have to try and remember what we did special this past week. There has been lots of golfing since the weather has been nice. Here is a picture to show this to be true. Don goes out to men's golf on Monday mornings and I tried Ladies Golf on Thursday morning and didn't embarass myself too badly.
At the weekly park meeting it was announced that there are 875 residents in the park now and some more expected in the next 2 weeks.
I went to the evening entertainment on Tuesday evening - "Gold Wing Express" - a father and 3 sons from Branson Missouri - very good musicians/singers and funny too.
Spanish class is an hour on Wednesday and we have homework too but it may need alot more time than that to get it to sink into our brains. Wednesday afternoon, Don and I went into old McAllen for a massage - a deal out of the newspaper - we each had a 45 minute full body relaxation massage for a total of $45.00 - it was a good deal.
On Thursday night, I went with Maureen (cousin Don's wife) and Gail (another Winnipegger) to McAllen for dinner and the theatre. We saw "Late Bloomers" - is a comedy about a fictional RV Park with the park owner falling for a stripper and the owner's daughter comes to break up that romance. It was staged at South Texas College. We had a good time.
Saturday was the park Craft Sale in the morning and the afternoon I biked to Pharr (14 mile roundtrip) to take in the Rio Grande Wood Carvers Show - some beautiful stuff.
Today there is alot of excitment in the park for the Football playoffs. The couple that manages this park are from Wisconsin so they are dressed up as cheese heads to cheer their team to victory.


  1. I am glad to see the photo of you wearing shorts...better than last year.
    The activities sound great and relaxing.
    Once again, my report is that it is COLD here but, why shouldn't it be!!

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