Wed. Dec 22/10

Thought you might be wondering if we are keeping busy - and yes we are. We go golfing on the 9 hole Par 3 golf course that is attached to our park every day - no charge and noone laughs at our pathetic strokes. The weather has been lovely with mid day temps in the 80s so we spend some of the afternoon at the pool and may get back in some time in the evening. I have been teaching a morning exercise class 2 x per week. An exercise class runs Mon-Friday but when I don't do it, it is Richard Simmons or Debbie Reynolds so mine is a change for the ladies here.

We are in a new site in the park this year so we get to meet new people - most people are older than us - alot from Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Minnesota, The Dakotas - very friendly. Yesterday Don gave me an early Christmas present - my first golf lesson with a pro at a nearby club. This was arranged by a neighbour here who works parttime as a marshall at that club. It is amazing how many things I was doing wrong. The neighbour lady dragged me out to Ladies Horseshoes this morning and I threw a shoe that landed and rolled - right into my compeditor's shin bone - some blood and probably a big bruise - and lots of talk at this afternoon's cocktail circle. I may not be allowed to go next week. At lunchtime today, we biked over to McDonald's for the Big Mac Wednesday special - $1.29 - very busy place with all us cheap Winter Texans.

We have ventured on a big outing last Sunday. The town of Hidalgo - 25 miles away- does a Christmas light show for the month of December. We got there in the afternoon and toured around the Hidalgo Pump House Museum - right on the Rio Grande - used to pump water from the Rio Grande - steam power. Hidalgo is right on the Rio Grande with an international bridge into Mexico - border patrols keep very busy there. Note the nice fence in the attached picture. After dark we paid for a lovely 45 minute horse drawn carriage ride around the town centered around their City Hall where they had a choir entertaining. Those are Texas armadillas in the photo in case you can't recognize them. Also Hidalgo is where the Killer Bees first flew into USA from Mexico in 1990 so Don wanted a picture of the statue they have. There is a local hockey team called the Killer Bees who play their games at their big new State Farm Arena outside of town.


  1. I guess that I anow an official blog follower. It looks and sounds as if you are well settled and enjoying the perks Texas has to offer.
    No doubt you know that it is cold but no snowfall here in Simcoe. No Christmas lights up at our house but Christmas decorating is done. Do you have a small Christmas tree. Nice C. present.


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