Last weekend of Feb 2010

Friday to Sunday Feb 26 to 28/10

Quiet weekend under that exciting times watching the last events of the Olympics and the closing Gala and Ceremonies. We did make it out to Arizona College on Saturday morning for a Wellness and Craft Fair for seniors. Don and I had our glucose, cholesterol and BPreadings done and expect to be around for many more years to come thankfully. We were with Charmaine and Lou from Oshawa and took a little tour of the neighbouring desert after visiting the college. In this picture I am having them blow into some Creosote bushes and then inhale the fragrance. The scent is the smell of the desert after rain. We did get rain on Sunday morning and there has been more rain in Arizona so far this year than has fallen in all of 2009 - but that was too dry a year. The desert floor is greening up and some wildflowers are appearing and the octilla cactus are blooming too.
Saturday afternoon I took a bike ride around our neighbourhood and came upon a cattle roping competition at a corral that was at the back of "The Cowboy Church". I sat down by a woman who was from Alberta and I quized her about the event. Her 16 year old son and his partner won the event - yielding about $800 in prize money. The Cowboy Church service is on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM and I think it might be a non-denominational service. Might be interesting to check out?

On Sunday we hosted our own little cheering section for the Canada US mens' hockey game in our trailer with two other Canadian couples - both from the Oshawa area. We were overjoyed with the Canadian victory. Now we are facing Olympic withdrawal but we are proud Canadians.


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