Casino adventure

Wednesday March 3/10 Beautiful sunshine this week - pool time.
It has been a quiet week but we did visit the Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino Resort by Maricopa (about 15 miles from Casa Grande). Of course there was a deal. You had to sign up for their Total Rewards Program and you received a voucher for lunch or dinner at their buffett and they gave you $15 to gamble with. We had a delicious dinner and then spend a few minutes to feed their machines their free money. I did cash out with $8.75 and Don came out with $5. We did go with another couple - Dick and Kathy from Wisconsin - so we didn't even have to drive.

We also have fun shopping at our local grocery store called Fry's. On the first Wednesday of the month they offer seniors (over 55) 10 % off on their grocery bill. That is the day to shop. It is only 2 miles away so I can bike there. Fry's also has gas pumps and you shop there often enough you accumulate 100 points and then you get 10 cents off per gallon. They have diesel too.

One other thing to mention was that I got my haircut yesterday at the plaza that Fry's is in and my hairdresser was interesting. She was married with 4 children ranging in age from 10 to 18 and she is now 7 months pregnant with her 5 child but is having this child for family friends - a childless couple that have been married for 13 years. So she is a surrogate mother and all is going well for her and expects to be back to work about 3 weeks after she delivers. It is an interesting world.


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