Casa Grande Gourdfest

Friday February 4/10 Beautiful sunny 80 degree day

Today was the first day of a 3 day Gourd Festival at the Casa Grande Fairgrounds and it was incredible. Don and I were the purchase agents of the President of the Canadian Gourd Society (Barbara Bellchambers of Lakefield) and aspiring gourd artist Katie Marsden. Their goal is to fill up our trailer with gourds for their artwork. This gourd show is the largest in the USA with over 100 vendors and a large judging contest and other fun things like a gourd sailing regatta on the pond there and the racing of little gourd cars (like boy scout cars) and the kindergourden which teaches the public about gourds. Don took 250 pictures and you can view them through the website and link to the 3rd picture site - merry marsden travels.

We are in a small RV park with 125 sites. The people are very friendly - not too many Canadians and there are activities - art and craft classes, dinners and luncheons, bocce ball and field trips. It does have internet access but we are parked a bit too far from the office for the signal so we walk down to the clubhouse with our computers. There is a small pool - temp of 94 degrees and then a hot tub which is hotter than that!

We bought a 3 day pass for the gourdfest so we will get out to see all we can of it.


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