busy week

Monday to Thursday Feb 22-24/10

On a rainy Monday morning we drove out in the desert to visit St Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery. I had visited the monastery 3 years ago with Lynn but now another chapel has been added and their gardens have matured. This monastery was started in 1993 when 6 monks from Greece started building chapels and gardens in the middle of the desert. Along with the chapels, now there are orange, lemon and grapefruit orchards, olive trees and grapevines. Note in the picture on the right that I am dressed up. The women must wear a kerchief and long skirts, long sleeves and closed toed shoes with socks. Men have to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and closed toed shoes with socks too. The chapels are beautiful with amazing woodwork, brick and stonework. They are just completing their latest one which is built on a hill.

Tuesday, Feb 23/10

Another adventure to drag Don to. Our park is about 5 miles from the Central Arizona Campus at Signal Hill. I noticed the college campus when we drove back from the monastery so I thought I would find out more about it off the internet on Monday night. Coincidentally they were hosting a public event for Tuesday - a fundraising lunch for local foodbanks - ceramic artists made 300 bowls and each person picked a bowl and had it filled with delicious soup - plus sides of cornbread, brownie and beverage - done by their culinary students - $10 donation per person and you take the bowl home. We meet a couple from Peterborough in the lunch line and another one from Toronto. I meet a Dutch couple and their 12 year old son who were visiting from Purmerend Holland - I stopped to talk to them because I heard them conversing in Dutch. They were visiting their daughter (Ginger DeWeert) who was a pitcher for the college softball team at this campus - on full scholarship. She is also on the Dutch national team.

Wednesday, Feb 24/10

Off to the Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum outside of Tuscon (75 minutes south on I-10) for this bright sunny 65 degree day. Although it is called a museum, it is really part zoo, part museum and part botanical garden. It was founded in 1952 to preserve the natural vegetation of the Sonoran Desert and its ecosystem. There is so much to see here that you can't do it in one day. They have a Hummingbird Aviary that has the little birds flying all around you. We watched the Raptor Free Flight Program with 3 Harris Hawks flying for the crowds.
Thursday, Feb 25/10 - My day to be nurse to look after Lynn after she had her central line catheter removed today - no longer necessary since she has had her 6 chemo treatments. Don gets a rest too. We do keep cheering for the Canadians at the Olympics!


  1. Go Canada Go

    what did those dutch people think about that Dutch speed skating coach? were they ready to run him through?


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