Visit to Mexico

Thursday to Saturday Jan 28 to 30/10

So I did venture across the Rio Grande River into Mexico at the town of Progresso which is about 15 miles from Alamo with two Manitobans - Bob and Judy. You can see in this first picture, the big fence that is being put up in the distance. The second picture is taken from the bridge that we walked across into Mexico. We parked the car on the US side for $2 and paid 25 cents each to walk across. We were not checked as we walked into town with all the other winter Texans but Mexican soldiers stand guard. There was a shooting on the main street in December but that was at a drug smuggler trying to drive across the border. That put a dent into tourism for a while but people forget easily. The main attactions are the dentists and the drug stores for cheap prescription drugs. The main street is long and filled with shops of Mexican trinkets. I did buy some Vanilla - everybody does. Bob had his haircut for $3. I saw a sign for teeth cleaning for $5 and dental examinations are free. We had lunch at a pub where many winter Texans from our RV park go each week for cheap drinks,, music and dancing.

We had to pay another 25 cents to get back over the bridge and show our passports to get back into the USA. The border customs officer checked out my passport and asked me a few regular questions and then was handing me my passport back and asked me "How tall are you?" and I answered 5'9" and then asked him why he asked me that? He said he didn't often see such a tall women - understandable since he sees short Mexican women and old Winter Texan women who are mostly 5'4" and under.
Since Mexico on Thursday, the temperatures have dipped a bit but we managed to play 18 holes of golf today and a few games of shuffleboard. I spent a little time in the stained glass workshop and cut some glass to make a windmill stepping stone when I get home.
On Sunday we will be preparing for our departure on Monday morning to make our way to Arizona. Cousin Maureen (and 2 Manitoba girlfriends from here in this park) will be flying to Las Vegas tomorrow night for a 4 day mini holiday. Don and I will be dining Sunday night with our friends Laurel (DD volunteer firefighter)and Joan Hamilton from Lakefield who have a RV in the neighbouring park here.
Back to the blog as we travel to Arizona.


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