Touch Down in Alamo Texas

Thursday, January 7/10 47 degrees at 9:30 AM
Packed up and took off in very windy conditions - misty rain - to head south - tail wind most of the time. Headed for the Rio Grande Valley. Passed by the King Ranch - largest ranch in Southern Texas (around 825,000 acres) - namesake of our big truck we are in. After travelling south for about 3 hours we turned to go east by Harlingen and checked out a RV park that said they could accommodate us. Unfortunately our designated spot was beside a camper with 2 beagles and a bunch of dumpsters on the other side. Don turned this down and we left for another park down the road where Don's first cousin (Don Thompson and his wife Maureen) from Winnipeg have a trailer. We opted for this location - although more expensive but our little lot is more pleasant than the last one. We settled in - finally hooked up to water and sewers and are using the trailer to its fullest. The temperature made it to the 60s and has now turned cold and the Canadians have to take the blame. We did make a little grocery and gas run in the neighbourhood and are checking out the activities of the park - of which there are many. Maybe tomorrow you will get a photo - if the sun comes out?? Hoping for warm weather soon - still wearing turtlenecks and long pants.


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