New Winter Texans

Friday to Monday - Jan 15-18/10
We are slowly becoming Winter Texans. We heard the definition of a Winter Texan today - Women who can't be pregnant anymore and men who look like they are. Sad isn't it.
So we didn't get the expected rainstorms on the weekend and each day the weather is getting warmer now. We have been golfing and going to the pool. Today we visited the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge which is about 8 miles south of here on the Rio Grande River - this river used to be alot grander than it is now. This refuge is over 2000 acres of subtropical thorn forest and is home for numerous birds that are south Texas specialities. They have a Green Jay down here which shows a lovely torquiose color when it flies. We also saw a bird called a Kiskadee - beautiful yellow breasted bird. Sorry - no pictures because we forgot to take our camera.
We attended the park dance on Saturday night and learned that cousin Don loves to dance. Tonight we are in the computer room in the clubhouse after Bingo and Don won 2 Bingo games - profit of $14 and I won a game that I had to share the profits so I am only ahead$1.50 since we had to pay $2 for our 6 cards. Even cousin Maureen won a Bingo game tonight too.


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