New activity - Golf

Monday and Tuesday - Jan 11 and 12/10
Been busy doing the activities in the park. Lead the 8 AM exercise class on Monday morning and the ladies complained I was too hard on them but they are allowing me to come back on Thursday. Had some walks around the park and played golf on their 9 hole/3 par golf course on site - no fee so it is a great place to learn and our friends here didn't laugh at my shots since I have never golfed before. I even shot par on one hole so I wasn't totally useless.
Still waiting for better weather to make it here. It is not cold now but rainy and mild.
The sister park to this one had a craft show this morning with vendors from the area coming in selling jewellery and shirts and all kinds of things but Don and I did not buy anything. We are waiting for the yard sale this weekend in the park.
Looking forward to getting out to some of the local wildlife parks and South Padre Island but the weather has to improve more. I had signed up for a tour going to the King Ranch but the date I was to go isn't available any more. Lots of birding in this area because birds migrate to this area for the winter. That is all the excitement I can think of to tell you for now.


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