More Rain coming for Texas

Wednesday and Thursday - Jan 13 and 14/10
Happy to be doing this blog so I can keep track of the calendar and know what day it is. We have had a couple of mild cloudy days. We are very thankful to see some sunshine momentarily. We visited a local flea market yesterday with Cousin Don and Maureen. We again didn't spend a fortune there but did pick up some fresh produce. We played Mexican Train Dominoes at night and Mary lost again. Rules keep changing on that game so we have to find an expert in it to settle some disputes. Today Don and I went to the Rio Grande Valley RV show to look around at some new trailers but it wasn't overly exciting. We had to wait around in the morning for a repairman to come and fix our furnace. A circuit board had to be replaced ($150 for the part plus the $60 hourly fee for the repairman) so it was a costly morning but what can you do?
I taught the exercise class for the park ladies again this morning and they seem to like it and say I can do it every day but I think I will stick to Monday and Thursday mornings.
Cousin Don is suffering from a bad cold right now so we may have to quarantine their trailer.


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