First Friday in the south

Friday, January 8/10 Still too cold
Just about got to freezing temperatures last night and freezing temperatures still threaten for the next 2 nights. The natives around here aren't at all happy about this. Most of the snowbirds in this park are from the midwest so they aren't too unhappy to be away from their minus-minus temps back home.
Started the day at 8 AM fitness class - done to a 35 minute audio tape by some old Texan lady - just verbal instruction - no music. It was amusing. The ladies here do 8 AM exercise class from Monday to Friday. I hear they do a Debbie Reynolds audio tape on Tuesdays and Thursdays and there is some music on that one. I have offered to do this Monday's class and they seemed receptive to that because they have used these tapes for at least 9 winters.
After fitness class, I checked out the stained glass art class but noone else showed up for it. They do have a room set up as a stained glass workshop and lots of projects are on the go - but noone came out to work on them. So I went back to the big clubhouse and spent 30 minutes learning some new line dances. The class actually lasts an hour but my brain could only handle 30 minutes for now.
Checked out the local WalMart Supercentre today and bought a few groceries and things and now I am filing the blog for the day. Don is working on getting the coordinates to set up his satellite dish to get some Canadian channels. There are many Mexican channels to pick from but our Spanish is still too pathetic to follow it well.
Tonight we are invited to Don and Maureen's for dinner and then a movie in the Clubhouse at 7 PM - "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock.
Yard Sale coming on the 16th and some craft sales too. It is a summer camp for seniors - life is good.


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