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Thursday Feb 28/13   Time is getting shorter in the Texas Sunshine

We have been busy enjoying the Texas Sunshine. Our street party was on Feb 16 and we had a potluck lunch on the street and played beanbag and ladder golf games after.
Unfortunately Canada lost the CAN-AM golf tournament last week but we keep playing golf anyway.
We have been doing some new things too. Last Saturday, I went with Maureen, Bonnie and John to "Smokin on the Rio" in Mercedes and were judges for a smoked ribs competition - tasting 10 different rib entries. Maureen, Bonnie, Brenda, Judy and I spent the afternoon before at the same place watching 3 top valley singers for an afternoon happy hours party for Winter Texans.
Last Monday Brenda, Maureen and I went to the local Aloe Vera Farm - where I had been 2 times before but I like going to see the 90 year old couple who do the tours of the place. This time the plants were all flowering too. Later Bonnie and John hosted Maureen's birthday dinner…
Thursday, February 14/13     Happy Valentine's Day
Continuing AT&T internet problems have caused delays in blogging and keeping in touch with family and friends but we persevere.
Good trip to Casa Grande Arizona from Jan 29 to Feb 5 for Gourdfest. Our friend Tom Brudnicki was a wonderful host to myself, Barbara, Sally and Russell for the week. Barbara and Sally worked hard increasing their gourd art skills and I went on adventures and shopping trips with Tom and Russell.
On our last full day we toured the Phoenix Botanical Gardens and did some shopping in the big city.
Don survived well back in Texas with friends in the park feeding him dinners so he didn't go hungry.
Coming back to Texas, life continues to be busy. 16 members of our TG Bike Club participated in the 20 mile bike tour for Arbor Day in McAllen. We completed the ride in 2 hours - starting early at 7 AM. There are birthdays to celebrate and potluck dinners for different reasons - the Canadian potluck as an …