Monday, February 27, 2012

Just to catch up on our weekend activities before the month is over. On Friday, Feb 24, Brenda and I went to the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show at the McAllen Convention Centre. Neither one of us are quilters - just quilting admirers. So we didn't have to spend all our money on material and patterns. It was a rainy day so we had a nice lunch at Mimi's Cafe and then stopped to shop at Steinmarts too.
On Saturday morning, Ron and Judy, Don and I went to a Blini and Piroghie Brunch at St George Orthodox Church in Pharr. Blinis are crepes that we filled with different jams - even Nutella. There was expensive Russian tea to drink too. We all chose blinis so the piroghies were untried.
On Sunday our street - Masters Drive had their block party. It was held on Lot 595 - which is the lot we are moving to next season - it has more concrete than the lot we are on now. We already moved a shed that houses a washer and dryer onto that lot. It was a pot luck celebration and there seem to be alot of great cooks on this block.
I had to sneak away from these festivities to attend a play at the South Texas College Theatre. It was "The Man Who Came To Dinner" and it was very well done. It was a comedy about a dinner guest who just won't go away.
This coming week Don is in Slow Pitch Playoffs.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Haven't blogged for awhile because the weather has improved and couldn't stay inside when it is beautiful outside. So I have to mention the highlights for the past 10 days.
On Wednesday, Feb 15/12 about 30 TG Bike Club members participated in the McAllen Golden Years Bike and Birding Event at Bentsen State Park (about 30 minutes away by car). We traillered the bikes there and then rode around the park. We saw kisadees, red shouldered hawks, greenjays and altamira orioles, plus 3 milk snakes sunning themselves in a creek.
Don got to go to another Killer Bee Game but unfortunately the bees lost that night. I didn't get to this one since I had Cuddle Club at the hospital that night. Feb 18.
I attended the Pioneer and Ranching Craft Day at the Museum of South Texas History in Edinburg on Feb 18. There was entertainment and demonstrations and lots of Winter Texans there because it was a nice day even though the weatherman said we were to get 50 mph winds - which luckily did not happen.
On Feb 21, we had a spagetti dinner and casino night at our recreation hall. The local Shriners come out to do this as a fundraiser. You try to win as much play money as you can by playing BlackJack for a few hours and then there is a auction so you can spend the money you collected. Don and I won the auction of a blanket.
Don will be playing his slowpitch playoffs next week. It will be a challenge because this teams are the lowest in the standings.
I participated in the Canada/US Golf Tournament on our little Golf Course and Canada won the tourney by one stroke. Here is a picture of the cabbage field that is right beside our little golf course.
I will throw in this other picture I took in the window of a hispanic grocery store recently.
The big news around here is Cousin Don and Maureen bought a Park Model home from another RV Park and will have it moved over to this park on March 1. They sold their 5th wheel trailer already to another couple here in our park. This change required more concrete on their park site so the park model can be parked here. Don and I purchased the small storage shed with a washer and dryer from Don and Maureen since they will have another one from the park model they bought. No more weekly trips to the community laundry machines in the park for us.
We do keep busy with dinner at friends and last Sunday, Brenda and Rick hosted a party for 3 guys (Rick, Brian and Cousin Don) who all are celebrating their 60th birthdays!
Today I participated in an in-park Arts and Crafts Display in our Recreation Hall. I built some of my glass pole toppers from glass objects I picked up at local thrift stores. I did not plan on doing my glassware down here but I couldn't stop myself. I did make 2 redneck wine glasses too and showed 2 Powertex masks. I sold 6 Pole toppers today and have one for myself and I will try and restrain myself from making anymore. There were lots of beautiful paintings, nature pictures, quilts, woodworking, stained glass, swedish weaving and yarn crafts on display.
Almost forgot to mention that Don and I visited our friends Janet and Harold Baal who are spending the month of February at Americana RV Park in the Rio Grande Valley. They travel with their pretty dog Buddy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 12/12
Well it has been a cool rainy week in South Texas - not what we had signed on for but we can't complain about the rain because of the drought that Texas has experienced in the past year.
We have kept ourselves busy by shopping, going to see the movie "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" with Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and a young boy actor who had a difficult role that he did very well. It was $5 Movie Monday.
Don only got to play ball on Monday and Tuesday mornings - Wednesday and Thursday were rained out but he did go to Umpire School from 9 to 4 on Saturday.
We checked out a few Thrift stores and I could not resist the urge to pick up some glassware to make a few pole toppers - that will perch on top of sawed off golf clubs - since there are no cross country ski poles here to be had.
On Friday night, Bonnie and John, Brenda and Rick, Maureeen and I went to a local theatre group's production of "The River is Gold" - a bit painful but luckily it was short.
Saturday morning, Brenda, Bonnie, Maureen, Gail and I went to the Mennonite Relief Sale at the Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg. They had rummage sale stuff, games for kids, breakfast and baked goods and a quilt auction. We got bidding #s for the auction but the one I would have liked went for the most money - $1300. There were a couple others that went for over $700 each but the rest were alot less - for good reasons.
Saturday night Don and I went out to dinner at the Olive Garden in McAllen - treated by our old friend Bill Barone from Michigan - aka "The Fishing Fool". Bill was on an avoiding winter driving tour and had been through Atlanta - Florida - now through Texas - and on to Arizona and California and will get back to Michigan when the snow is gone. We took him on a walk through the Santa Anna Wildlife Refuge on Friday afternoon - a bit of a mistake because the pathways were wet and the Texas mud sticks like glue to your shoes - it was like walking in heavy high heels. The highlight was seeing a 7 foot long black snake on the roadway there.
Sunday morning we attended our Community Hall Church Service - it was Flag Sunday and Don and I got to parade with the Ontario Flag. Sunday afternoon, Bonnie and John, Brenda and Rick, Maureen and I went to a McAllen High School (Nikki Rowe) and enjoyed 3 talented students perform the Neil Simon comedy play of "The Star Spangled Girl".

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, Feb 7/12
Time to catch up again on what we have been doing down here in Texas.
On Jan 31/12, I attended an evening performance in our Rec Ctr of "Gold Wing Express" - a white father and his 3 Indian sons - bluegrass country band - great guitar and banjo playing and lots of fun too.
Don and I drove the hour down to South Padre Island on Groundhog Day, had lunch at Pirate's Landing in Port Isabel and then went over to the Island. We met up with our friend Tracy Logan and her 4 month old daughter Emma. They were down from Lakefield area to visit Tracy's parents who winter on the island - from the Chatham area. It was Emma's first time to the beach and she slept through it.
On our way back to Alamo we stopped at the new Bass Pro Store in Harlengen but didn't buy any of their boats or anything. These stores are a work of wildlife art inside and always worth a good look around.
We have been to see some movies on Mondays - $5 ticket for Seniors all day on Mondays - so we go if the weather is a bit cool and cloudy. We saw "The Descendants" starring George Clooney; "The Iron Lady" starring Meryl Streit and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" starring Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and a young boy who played his difficult part very well.
Don is now playing old men's Slow Pitch 4 mornings a week since he got drafted last week to play in the competitive league - which he seems to like better than his house league team. He is happy doing this and bought himself a beautiful $200 bat - didn't know that bats can be so expensive now? This Saturday he will be taking an all day course to learn to be an Umpire.
I participated in a 20 mile bike ride with my neighbour Roger on Saturday morning. This 20 or 40 mile ride was put on by the City of McAllen and the Texas Forest Service to celebrate Arbor Day. It was the first time for this ride and about 200 participants came out. It was a nice morning and we started at 7:30 am and were done by 10 AM. The fast bikers did the 20 mile route twice and when us slow bikers were around the 15 mile mark - the fast ones passed us on their second time around. Oh well.
We did do our second night of the Cuddle Club and this time I got to change a diaper, see a circumcision and do several bottle feedings. We stayed for almost 4 hours and the time went by very quickly. Tomorrow we will go again.